Contributing guide

This page is for about contributing to conduwuit. The development page may be of interest for you as well.

If you would like to work on an issue that is not assigned, preferably ask in the Matrix room first at, and comment on it.

Linting and Formatting

It is mandatory all your changes satisfy the lints (clippy, rustc, rustdoc, etc) and your code is formatted via the nightly cargo fmt. A lot of the rustfmt.toml features depend on nightly toolchain. It would be ideal if they weren't nightly-exclusive features, but they currently still are. CI's rustfmt uses nightly.

If you need to allow a lint, please make sure it's either obvious as to why (e.g. clippy saying redundant clone but it's actually required) or it has a comment saying why. Do not write inefficient code for the sake of satisfying lints. If a lint is wrong and provides a more inefficient solution or suggestion, allow the lint and mention that in a comment.

Running CI tests locally

conduwuit's CI for tests, linting, formatting, audit, etc use engage. engage can be installed from nixpkgs or cargo install engage. conduwuit's Nix flake devshell has the nixpkgs engage with direnv. Use engage --help for more usage details.

To test, format, lint, etc that CI would do, install engage, allow the .envrc file using direnv allow, and run engage.

All of the tasks are defined at the engage.toml file. You can view all of them neatly by running engage list

If you would like to run only a specific engage task group, use just:

  • engage just <group>
  • Example: engage just lints

If you would like to run a specific engage task in a specific group, use just <GROUP> [TASK]: engage just lints cargo-fmt

The following binaries are used in engage.toml:

Matrix tests

CI runs Complement, but currently does not fail if results from the checked-in results differ with the new results. If your changes are done to fix Matrix tests, note that in your pull request. If more Complement tests start failing from your changes, please review the logs (they are uploaded as artifacts) and determine if they're intended or not.

If you'd like to run Complement locally using Nix, see the testing page.

Sytest support will come soon.

Writing documentation

conduwuit's website uses mdbook and deployed via CI using GitHub Pages in the documentation.yml workflow file with Nix's mdbook in the devshell. All documentation is in the docs/ directory at the top level. The compiled mdbook website is also uploaded as an artifact.

To build the documentation using Nix, run: bin/nix-build-and-cache just .#book

The output of the mdbook generation is in result/. mdbooks can be opened in your browser from the individual HTML files without any web server needed.

Inclusivity and Diversity

All MUST code and write with inclusivity and diversity in mind. See the following page by Google on writing inclusive code and documentation.

This EXPLICITLY forbids usage of terms like "blacklist"/"whitelist" and "master"/"slave", forbids gender-specific words and phrases, forbids ableist language like "sanity-check", "cripple", or "insane", and forbids culture-specific language (e.g. US-only holidays or cultures).

No exceptions are allowed. Dependencies that may use these terms are allowed but do not replicate the name in your functions or variables.

In addition to language, write and code with the user experience in mind. This is software that intends to be used by everyone, so make it easy and comfortable for everyone to use. 🏳️‍⚧️

Variable, comment, function, etc standards

Rust's default style and standards with regards to function names, variable names, comments, etc applies here.

Creating pull requests

Please try to keep contributions to the GitHub. While the mirrors of conduwuit allow for pull/merge requests, there is no guarantee I will see them in a timely manner. Additionally, please mark WIP or unfinished or incomplete PRs as drafts. This prevents me from having to ping once in a while to double check the status of it, especially when the CI completed successfully and everything so it looks done.

If you open a pull request on one of the mirrors, it is your responsibility to inform me about its existence. In the future I may try to solve this with more repo bots in the conduwuit Matrix room. There is no mailing list or email-patch support on the mirror, but if you'd like to email me a git patch you can do so at

Direct all PRs/MRs to the main branch.

By sending a pull request or patch, you are agreeing that your changes are allowed to be licenced under the Apache-2.0 licence and all of your conduct is in line with the Contributor's Covenant.