Setting up TURN/STURN

In order to make or receive calls, a TURN server is required. conduwuit suggests using Coturn for this purpose, which is also available as a Docker image.


Create a configuration file called coturn.conf containing:

static-auth-secret=<a secret key>
realm=<your server domain>

A common way to generate a suitable alphanumeric secret key is by using pwgen -s 64 1.

These same values need to be set in conduwuit. You can either modify conduwuit.toml to include these lines:

turn_uris = ["turn:<your server domain>?transport=udp", "turn:<your server domain>?transport=tcp"]
turn_secret = "<secret key from coturn configuration>"

or append the following to the docker environment variables dependig on which configuration method you used earlier:

CONDUIT_TURN_URIS: '["turn:<your server domain>?transport=udp", "turn:<your server domain>?transport=tcp"]'
CONDUIT_TURN_SECRET: "<secret key from coturn configuration>"

Restart conduwuit to apply these changes.


Run the Coturn image using

docker run -d --network=host -v $(pwd)/coturn.conf:/etc/coturn/turnserver.conf coturn/coturn

or docker-compose. For the latter, paste the following section into a file called docker-compose.yml and run docker compose up -d in the same directory.

version: 3
      container_name: coturn-server
      restart: unless-stopped
      network_mode: "host"
        - ./coturn.conf:/etc/coturn/turnserver.conf

To understand why the host networking mode is used and explore alternative configuration options, please visit Coturn's Docker documentation.

For security recommendations see Synapse's Coturn documentation.