conduwuit for NixOS

conduwuit can be acquired by Lix from various places:

  • The flake.nix at the root of the repo
  • The default.nix at the root of the repo
  • From conduwuit's binary cache

A binary cache for conduwuit that the CI/CD publishes to is available at the following places (both are the same just different names):

The binary caches have been recreated recently due to attic issues. The old public keys were:



If specifying a URL in your flake, please use the GitHub remote: github:girlbossceo/conduwuit

The flake.nix and default.nix do not (currently) provide a NixOS module, so (for now) services.matrix-conduit from Nixpkgs should be used to configure conduwuit.

If you want to run the latest code, you should get Conduwuit from the flake.nix or default.nix and set services.matrix-conduit.package appropriately.