a very cool, featureful fork of Conduit

What is Matrix?

Matrix is an open network for secure and decentralized communication. Users from every Matrix homeserver can chat with users from all other Matrix servers. You can even use bridges (also called Matrix Appservices) to communicate with users outside of Matrix, like a community on Discord.

What is the goal?

An efficient Matrix homeserver that's easy to set up and just works. You can install it on a mini-computer like the Raspberry Pi to host Matrix for your family, friends or company.

Can I try it out?

An official conduwuit server ran by me is available at ( / is a public homeserver that can be used, it is not a "test only homeserver". This means there are rules, so please read the rules: is also listed at

What is the current status?

conduwuit is a hard fork of Conduit which is in beta, meaning you can join and participate in most Matrix rooms, but not all features are supported and you might run into bugs from time to time.

What's different about your fork than upstream Conduit?

See the differences page

How can I deploy my own?

If you want to connect an appservice to conduwuit, take a look at the appservices documentation.

How can I contribute?

See the contributor's guide


If you run into any question, feel free to

Original repo and Matrix room picture was from bran (<3). Current banner image and logo is directly from this cohost post.

Is it conduwuit or Conduwuit?

Both, but I prefer conduwuit.

Mirrors of conduwuit